Open Lots

Lots Available For Rent! $400/ Month, Trash Pickup Included

The Most Affordable Community in Manhattan!




SPECIAL #1 :   Free Lot Rent for 2 Months! (You Pay For The Move)


SPECIAL #2 :  Pay $1500 Down, we arrange your home move, and we’ll finance the rest to you over 24 monthly payments at 0% interest.


SPECIAL #3 :  Sell us your used home + UPGRADE to a beautiful brand new home & get 3 Months Free Lot Rent!

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* resident and financing approvals are subject to background checks.
** we only use licensed and insured mobile home movers


Utility Service Providers:


Electric – Westar Energy

Gas – Kansas Gas Service

City Water  – Countryside Parks  (individually metered and billed direct to tenant)

Trash Pickup –  Included In Your Lot Rent